Ξ Designer & Producer Ξ

I am an experience designer with a background in film, theatre, and event planning. I love creating & producing immersive stories that catalyze conversations about identity and civic engagement.

Drop me a line if you need a video editor, production designer, production coordinator, or event planner as I’m always looking to collaborate.

Download my complete portfolio here ➸ BonnieJStinson_Portfolio.

“Creates dialogue where others only see difference.”

“A depth of spiritual instinct, packed with innovation and commitment.”

“Possesses the rare combination of idealism anchored in a practical knowledge of the world.”

“Bonnie is as capable of listening deeply as she is of engaging people in the issues she cares about, conveying not merely their complexity but their human significance.”



Currently reading:
Survival Through Design by Richard Neutra
Maria Chabot-Georgia O’Keefe: Correspondence, 1941-1949
Subdivided: City-Building in an Age of Hyper-Diversity edited by Jay Pitter (blog post in progress!)

Currently creating:
A children’s book about growing up a girl in 1920s Texas

Spanish • French • Arabic • Project Management • Basic AutoCAD • Adobe InDesign/Photoshop/Illustrator

Certificate in Project Management
Certificate in Event Design & Styling
Certificate in Music & Film Events Management
Certificate in Sophisticated Baking & Cake Design
Certified Mediator with Social Justice Mediation Institute
Minister with American Marriage Ministries

2017 In Numbers
11 days of completely silent meditation • 1 wedding officiated • 53 beds slept in • 16 propagated spider plants • 10 watercolor portraits • 30 batches of scones • 46 cats befriended

Baking scones • Hiking in Forest Park • Cats • Calligraphy • Getting Bullish


Come hang out with me!
I share content related to travel, gender, business, justice, food, cats…

Twitter: @bonniejstinson
Instagram: @bonniejstinson


Ξ “It is better to experience growth than project false competence.” Ξ