Subdivided: City-Building In an Age of Hyper Diversity

This was recommended by Saadia Muzaffar, a Facebook friend who lives in Toronto. She works in technology & leadership, and she is super badass. No, literally, she is a badass! Saadia was featured in Ijeoma Oluo’s coloring book of Badass Feminists.

I love that the book is a collection of essays.

Frankly, I feel like any publication that is going to claim expertise about a topic like “city-building in an age of hyper diversity” must be a shared labor. Otherwise, how could it reflect the various urban experiences necessary to inform this discussion?

I am most of the way through this book, and nearly every page is filled with circles and underlines.

The underlying theme corroborates a notion that designers & developers have always known, but rarely incorporated: that stakeholders are best equipped to solve problems.

This is of particular importance where gentrification, racism, sexism, and other societal plagues run rampant. If we can design structures that help center marginalized voices, or at least connect stakeholders with their own policymakers and policies, we can help turn the tide.

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